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Take pictures with The Swimming Pigs, sunbathe on beautiful deserted beaches, see sharks and stingrays, feed the iguanas, or, simply enjoy the sand between your toes! Charter Me Bahamas is the leading tour excursion company in the Bahamas with over 25 years experience. Come join us as we take you on an adventure you will never forget!

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We pride ourselves in ALWAYS providing THE BEST experience with the most FRIENDLY and professional customer service

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We understand the traveler and the journey. Travel should be about immersing oneself in the unknown. Vacation should be about time coming to a standstill and giving into complete relaxation.


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Full Day private charters

Rose Island

Getaway from the hustle and bustle of Nassau and experience Rose Island at its finest. Wander down miles of white sand beaches, swim with turtles, snorkel tropical with reefs teeming with fish and enjoy a scenic lunch at beautiful Beach Bar & Grill.

  • Full Day Tour Starting at $1500

Ocean Atlas Statue Tour

Located off the west coast of New Providence in Nassau, Ocean Atlas was inspired by the ancient Greek myth of Atlas—a Titan condemned to carry the heavens on his back for eternity. 'Ocean Atlas' is submerged at a depth of five meters off the coast of Nassau within Clifton Heritage National Park.

  • Full Day Tour Starting at $1500

North Exuma

The Exumas are renowned for its blissfully isolated beaches..... A day at a sandbar will feel like floating on a cloud! You’ll be standing on a sand bar in the middle of the blue ocean with nothing but a towel, sunscreen, and a cool drink. Let’s visit The Northern Bahamian iguana on Leaf Cay, known as the most endangered iguana species in the world! Grab a mask snorkel and swim with the tropical fish near the spectacular, sunken plane wreck. This visit will keep you coming back for more.

  • Full Day Tour Starting at $3500

harbour island

Join us for our newest day trip to see the beautiful harbor island. This exciting, one of a kind adventure will take you to some friendly interaction with the island’s swimming pigs, a guided golf cart tour of the island, and lunch, all while basking in the island’s picturesque natural beauty!, hidden away on the small intimate island of Meeks Patch in Spanish Wells.

  • Full Day Tour Starting at $5000

spanish wells

Encounter with the swimming pigs at Meeks Patch, from there we take a short cruise over to the picturesque fishing community of Spanish Wells, for sightseeing and lunch. After lunch we head back towards Nassau, making a stop at Green Cay, to swim with the turtles and beach or a stop at a beautiful Sand Bar. Light refreshments snacks are included

  • Full Day Tour Starting at $4000

south exuma cay

Step aboard on one of our very comfortable powerboats for a fast and exciting ride to visit our very good friends…the Famous Swimming Pigs! This tour from Nassau to the Exuma cays is filled with fun and activities! You will not only swim with the pigs but you will also get to feed the Bahamian rock iguanas and if you dare…take a swim with the sharks at compass cay!

  • Full Day Tour Starting at $4000

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